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Your Branding

Present work to clients in your branding

When going to a client meeting, you’d always make sure you look respectable. Why should online be any different? Present your digital work professionally by using your own logo, imagery, colours and URL.

"You guys have a great service and I don't think any of your competitors can touch you on price or features."

Karl Smith
Technical Creative Content Manager
Custom Branding
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Seriously fast & reliable file sharing

We use enterprise-grade Amazon servers to make sure your files are secure and delivered incredibly quickly. We have primary file servers in four continents and edge servers in over 50 major cities around the world. These brands use the same infrastructure to power their businesses.


"They put all the others to shame and I know from personal experience these guys are the best!"

John Brawley
Director of Photography
and Cinematographer
Speed & Reliability
Media Streaming

Clients can instantly view your work

Everytime you upload video, images or audio – our system generates a web-ready preview that your client can instantly access. Your client can stream or view your work on any device and on any browser.

"Our industry is all about relationships, the multi-user account is perfect, it allows all our departments to send from personalised profiles."

Ryan Swerdlow
Head of Production
Instant Media Previews
Activity Tracking

Improve workflow with activity tracking

Digital Pigeon lets you know when your clients have received your files, accessed them – or even sent files to you. You can be alerted in the office or on the move – by email, phone notification or Slack.

"It's refreshing to have clear communication with the people who make software we use every day. I will be a long-term customer of Digital Pigeon!"

Tim Kindler
Creative Director
Paper House Productions
Improve Your Workflow



Easily receive files from clients

Receive large files from your clients and suppliers by sending them to a custom-branded upload page.

Send them a link to the incredibly intuitive interface – they don’t even need to sign-up for an account with Digital Pigeon!

Receive Large Files



Get client feedback, seamlessly

Your clients can easily provide ‘point and click’ feedback on a variety of multimedia files.

Our intuitive system reduces emails and phone calls and there’s a log of edits to ensure nothing is missed.

Improve Workflow



Work from anywhere

You can access Digital Pigeon and all your files anywhere through our web-app.

Our desktop apps makes file transfers even faster and our mobile apps mean you can access files and monitor client activity… on the go!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Your files, your personal account information, and any account holders information, are all protected by the highest level of digital and physical security mechanisms.

Digital Pigeon collects your account information in order to provide and manage your file sharing services. This includes any authorised users you add, your usage information (including your device type) and your contacts if you select this, to make sending and receiving your files as fast, reliable and intuitive as possible. You are able to manage the information we collect about you and your team within your account profile. 

Our application is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Global Cloud infrastructure, which stores and transfers all data in compliance with global data privacy and security standards. We then secure any uploaded files (from you to share with others, or by others to share with you) with automatic SSL encryption (as used by banks). We also provide several other additional features you may choose to apply. This includes optionally protecting your files with a password, applying watermarks, turning on the Google reCAPTCHA service, and configuring Single Sign On (SAML SSO) within your organisation. Anytime you share your files using a link we generate a random, unique identifier to further secure your content.

If you have set up integration between DropBox, GoogleDrive, Zapier or Slack then the security measures used by these independent applications are also applied to your information.

No. You only need to enter basic user account information to get started with your free Digital Pigeon trial.

At the end of the trial (or anytime during the trial) you are able to select the plan that’s right for your file sharing needs. This update to a subscription will require a credit card. Upgrading to a paid subscription gives you continued access to our amazing file sharing capabilities, as well as numerous other features such as customisations, file transfer optimisation and team workflow management. 

Our application is hosted on AWS Global Cloud Infrastructure and uses their servers to support your file sharing. AWS is the global leader in supporting applications with Adobe, Netflix and Spotify using this infrastructure for their content delivery performance and security. This currently spans across 22 regions using 69 availability zones, with each availability zone comprised of multiple physical data centres.

Digital Pigeon services currently support File Server Regions in ‘Europe (West)’ (Dublin, Ireland), ‘Oceania’ (Sydney, Australia), ‘S.E. Asia’ (Singapore) and ‘USA (West)’ (Northern California, USA) with plans for more in the future. The default file server matched by Digital Pigeon uses your geographical location information. This setting can be easily changed to be the region closest to your clients in order to further boost upload and download file sharing speed on their end. 

With our Business plans we offer further download and preview optimisation with Amazon Cloudfront CDN Replication Storage. This option stores copies of your files based on the recipient’s location. Then each subsequent recipient in that location has the fastest possible access to your files dependent only on their internet connection. 

The maximum size allowed for each file transfer is limited only by the Digital Pigeon plan. Our Digital Pigeon plans support file uploads from 50GB in size as a Freelancer, through to 200GBs in a Business plan. The Digital Pigeon team is able to support any file size bigger than 200GBs with additional technical support.

It’s important to note that it also depends on the web browser you’re using, with modern browsers support files sizes up to 100GB.

When it comes to downloads (someone accessing your files) downloads are uncapped. All plans include 200GBs of downloads per month, and anything additional will incur a small charge, but not interrupt your service.

The Digital Pigeon team have worked really hard to design our application to make your files fly more than three times faster than other file sharing options, (think Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer and Hightail). This translates into critical time savings, only taking 7 minutes to send 1GB of files.

However, the speed a file is transferred, or uploaded, does depend on a few things. The quality of the internet connection on your end, the quality of the internet connection on the recipients’ end, and the location that the file is stored. With Digital Pigeon you have the ability to set the region for the file storage location to ensure it’s as close to the recipient as possible, making your file will fly with an extra power pack.

No. Anyone you are choosing to share files with, either privately via email, or publicly using a link, only requires an internet connection on their device to preview or download instantly.

Therefore clients or vendors can be provided secure access to ‘work in progress’ files, and the rest of the online world will be able to access promotional or instructional files shared via a link on social media or your website. All of which is accessed without any software requirements for the recipient.

With your Digital Pigeon account you are also able to receive files from anyone without them requiring any software on their end either. You simply create an upload page (which can have your own branding) and they can send you files from anywhere, anytime.

It’s this simple set up that makes your files fly.