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Sponsorship with Digital Pigeon

Are you looking for a reliable way to submit and review entries for your
competition? Do you need an online submission process that’s
both fast and user-friendly?

Sponsorship with Digital Pigeon could be the answer.

How can Digital Pigeon help you run your competition smoothly?

There are two ways we can help out with your event in exchange for branding opportunities:

1 Use of Digital Pigeon software for your entries/submissions and review process, with access to software features like:

A bespoke branded upload page with your competition's branding, colours and URL.

Get alerts via email, phone or Slack when you’ve received files

Stream or preview the submissions without having to download them.

2 Prizes - Digital Pigeon subscriptions for prize winners, an essential tool for professional film makers and creatives (also a perfect prize for the budding film maker, photographer or audio expert!).

How Digital Pigeon can help make your event a success

Digital Pigeon solves all those problems and more. Our file sharing software is built to handle large files sizes and high speeds, with ease and reliability. It’s also designed specifically for professionals in your industry, so you’ll get all the right features for your content needs.

receive files from anywhere

Receive files from anywhere

Using Digital Pigeon will mean you can accept entries digitally - from
anywhere. This gives you the opportunity to grow your competition, even
internationally. Through our “GeoMatch” technology - we locate the
geographically closest server to your sender so that their file transfer is as
quick and seamless as possible.

Easy to use – for participants and reviewers

Digital Pigeon is user-friendly for both organisers and participants, so you’ll
instantly cut out the time consuming questions about the submission
process. If it’s part of your process to provide competition participants
with feedback, you can easily do that within.

Suitable for all content and file formats

It's also flexible enough to use for entries, auditions or portfolios of any
content type - video, photo, pdf, audio. The software can handle any file
format, and with instant media previews to judges and organisers can
easily access and view entries without having to download the whole file.

Eliminate traffic during submission

Thanks to our superior Content Delivery Network, Digital Pigeon can
handle the high volumes of traffic in the final hours leading up to the
deadline, without crashing, slowing down or failing.

Help participants meet deadlines and follow competitions guidelines

With activity tracking and notifications, you can keep track of when entries
have been submitted, so you can ensure competition rules and guidelines
have been followed. You can also be alerted of any stalled transfers and
contact the participants to check on progress, avoiding unnecessary

Contact the team at Digital Pigeon to discuss how we can work together.

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New York City studio, Rampant, uses Digital Pigeon to handle submissions for their film competition

12 May, 2017

Rampant is a post-production service company based in Queens, NYC. They use Digital Pigeon for their company work, as well as the Sparrow Film Project , a competition held annually in their local area.

Digital Pigeon

Blog Competition Stories

Digital Pigeon Sponsors the HP 48HOURS Furious Filmmaking Competition

28 October, 2016

For 14 years now, the HP 48HOURS has officially been New Zealand’s largest guerrilla filmmaking competition, and this year Digital Pigeon got involved to facilitate ‘Out of Town’ entries. The format is simple: filmmaking teams have just one weekend (48 hours) to make a short film. The catch, though, is that none of the entrants

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Blog Competition Stories

Forward-looking film challenge uses Digital Pigeon to reliably receive large video file submissions

6 April, 2018

Sustainability is the key to the future, and The Outlook for Someday film challenge aims to get the next generation of smart, creative minds thinking about this issue.

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