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Cutting edge file transfer technology

Digital Pigeon is one of the world's leading file transfer services, offering accuracy and reliability regardless of the file size or location. Our platform makes it easy to send files between offices, between cities, and even between countries, simply and easily.

Six ways Digital Pigeon can help in-house marketing and communications teams:

Large file delivery with no inbox clutter

Corporate email accounts are usually limited to relatively small attachment sizes. With Digital Pigeon, you can send, share and receive files up to a whopping 200 GB.*

Ensure your recipients always gets the message without clogging up any inboxes.

* (Even larger limits available on request).

Track every move

Knowing when someone views the files you send is indispensable to an efficient workflow. Send follow-ups to an agency or your boss, armed with the confidence they’ve seen your work.

Get notified via email, mobile, or Slack when you receive new files, or when someone accesses the files you send.

Receive files from clients and freelancers

Use Digital Pigeon to request and receive files up to 200 GB from agencies and freelancers.

Present files, without any special software

We generate instant, web-ready previews that recipients can view on any device.

We can convert professional file formats into web-ready previews for team members or clients who don’t have the software to open files.

Security you can rely on

Our two-fold security system uses a combination of Amazon's bank-grade security measures and our own in-house security, including password protection and SSL encryption. We take it seriously - because we know leaks to competitors or the public can be high-profile hiccups.

Advanced team management

Add your entire department, team or office to your Digital Pigeon account. This provides better security, and we offer SAML Single-Sign-On capability for an extra layer of security and simplicity.

Many in-house marketing and communications teams use Digital Pigeon. Here's some examples of how:

Content distribution around a business

Many of our corporate clients use Digital Pigeon to safely and securely share content within a business. Whether they are small PDF files or large video files, they use Digital Pigeon for activity tracking and lean file attachments that don't clog email inboxes.

Sharing educational content around the world

Amway, the multi-level marketing business, uses Digital Pigeon to share educational and marketing material from around the world to their Independent Business Owners. With Digital Pigeon, they can track who has opened what, and ensure all of their sellers receive the same and consistent materials.

Global distribution of files

We use Amazon's Content Delivery Network to transfer files extremely quickly, anywhere in the world. With replicate Edge servers in more than 50 cities and 5 continents, you won't have to worry about slow uploads and downloads.

Promotional trailers

IMAX, the global film behemoth based in Toronto, uses Digital Pigeon to share upcoming movie trailers to their theatres around the world.

Franchising and retail industry

Our franchising and retail customers use Digital Pigeon to deliver marketing materials to thousands of stores and locations around the world.

Collaborating with agencies

Digital Pigeon is the perfect tool for working closely with marketing and ad agencies, photographers, web designers and other collaborators. Control your process and workflow by using your own Digital Pigeon upload platform. Ask third parties to send you works-in-progress for feedback, and final projects, safely and reliably via Digital Pigeon.

Use Digital Pigeon to make transferring content around your business, seamless and reliable.

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Why do marketing teams switch to Digital Pigeon?



File transfers that bring your marketing team together

Digital Pigeon makes the modern workplace a reality by providing file transfer services that shrink distance and make it possible to send hundreds of gigabytes quickly and easily to clients and coworkers around the world.


Bring your marketing materials together quickly and easily

Businesses often use file sharing platforms that aren’t designed for large file sizes that marketers deal with when sending materials to clients or other departments. Digital Pigeon makes it fast and easy to send and receive images, audio files, or video.


A file transfer platform built for sharing large files

Digital Pigeon has been built from the ground up for the sole purpose of sending and receiving large files accurately and easily.


Start file sharing now with your free trial and experience the power and convenience of Digital Pigeon.

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