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Transfer creative collateral quickly and efficiently

Six ways Digital Pigeon can help Advertising and Creative agencies:

Impress from the start

Make a good first impression by delivering branded work. With Digital Pigeon, you can personalise each customised delivery page, per client, per project, or anyway you like.

Never miss a deadline

Digital Pigeon is a lightning fast and reliable platform to get your work from A to B. We use Amazon's enterprise-grade infrastructure, so you never miss a deadline due to a flawed file-sharing service.

Get feedback with a click of a button

Get precise feedback on work-in-progress and final project deliveries. Use our intuitive feedback system with any recipient, whether they are internal or agency partners.

To make things even easier, clients and vendors can access files and provide feedback, even without a Digital Pigeon account.

Seamless workflow management

Need to prove a deadline was met? Use Digital Pigeon to track when files are delivered, when they have been opened, what has been viewed/downloaded, and exactly who did what. You'll never wonder "did they get it?" again.

Security you can rely on

Our two-fold security system uses a combination of Amazon's bank-grade security infrastructure plus our own security measures, including password protection and SSL encryption. We take security seriously - because we know leaks can kill agency/client relationships.

Team member management

Add your entire department, team or office to your Digital Pigeon account. This provides better security while improving your workflow by acting as a "traffic management" portal for incoming and outgoing work.

We also offer Single Sign On capability.

How do advertising and creative agencies use Digital Pigeon?


From global agency brands to boutique agencies, companies rely on Digital Pigeon to get work to their clients - on time, every time. Our large agency clients utilise our content delivery network so their recipients can view work immediately, whether they are down the road or on the other side of the world.


Agencies can use Digital Pigeon to compile highly targeted, relevant showreels for their pitches. It's quick, simple, and you'll know exactly when your recipient has viewed the pitch.


Agency creative teams use Digital Pigeon to collaborate with partners in VFX, post, audio, photography and other professions. Our platform allows for easy sharing, feedback and tracking who has reviewed what.


Agencies use Digital Pigeon's receive functionality to accept casting call videos and other applicant materials.


FTP is ugly, and can be complicated for clients, partners and staff (particularly if someone is trying to get files to you and your agency). Eliminate it altogether with Digital Pigeon.


Our customer, Enthral, uses Digital Pigeon to deliver their VNR work. Working with Adidas on a campaign for a new football boot, they relied on a first-class team and Digital Pigeon to get their work from the cameras to a global social media audience in under 2 hours.

You have deadlines to meet. Test out Digital Pigeon's reliability and simplicity for yourself.

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2 common reasons ad agencies make the switch to Digital Pigeon:


A modern file sharing service for today’s creative and ad agencies

The internet has shrunk the globe, making it possible for people to do business with companies anywhere in the world. Regardless of whether your client is in London, Tokyo, New York, Berlin or Melbourne,

Digital Pigeon is the platform you can rely on to get your large files transferred quickly and accurately.


Advertising agency file sharing made simple

We have made large file sharing as easy as a few mouse clicks, for both you and your clients. Transferring large creative agency files digitally can feel like a bit of a gamble with some services, but Digital Pigeon makes sending and receiving a seamless experience that will give you and your clients peace-of-mind.

Digital Pigeon is the simplest and most reliable solution to advertising and creative agency file transfers.

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