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Reliable, fast and accurate video production file sharing

When you’re working with video files, you know they’re going to be large. Getting them from the video shoot location to the editing room, or from your computer to your client’s, needs to be fast and accurate, with no margin for error. Every film production professional understands the importance of file quality and you can rely on our platform to guarantee the best results.

Six ways Digital Pigeon can help your Film, TV & VFX Studios:

A seamless, high resolution experience for video production file sharing

Video files are often massive. Digital Pigeon’s instant media previews mean your client can stream your video directly in their browser, saving time and headaches. It also allows you to get feedback sooner, so you can complete projects (and send invoices) quicker.

Previews are available in resolutions up to 1080p.

Maintain brand image when sharing work

Present your film production work with your own studio’s branding for a professional experience.

Digital Pigeon users can customise their download pages according to your and your client’s branding. Make them feel special.

Video scrubbing & frame-by-frame comments

With video scrubbing and frame stepping, production and post production studios can quickly determine which file to use among many similar versions.

Team members and clients can provide precise feedback by marking up content with time-coded annotations, frame-by-frame.

Track recipient activity

Know exactly who has accessed what, and when. Even with recipients who don't have an account, you'll know exactly who did what so you can track feedback and approvals.

Get notified, however you like

Knowing when a client views your work is indispensable to an efficient workflow. Send follow-ups with confidence to keep things moving forward.

You'll also know when a client leaves feedback on a file, so you or your team can make updates or provide further comments, reducing bottlenecks.

Very large file support

Send, share and receive files up to a whopping 200 GB in size.* Never miss a deadline because the file was "too big."

* (Even larger limits available on request).


Sending and receiving big video files with software that’s user-friendly


You don’t have to be an IT expert to use our services and the simple interface ensures that virtually anyone can send and receive large files. Regardless of whether you’re a technical whizz or can barely send an email, if you can click a mouse you can use Digital Pigeon. Simplicity is the key to making sure that you and your clients, regardless of computing proficiency, can transfer files effectively.

How do Film, TV & VFX Studios use Digital Pigeon?


Studios can quickly and securely assemble examples of work to pitch for new business. Full-screen previews allow simple navigation, branded presentation, and instant access.


Production teams on location can send the dailies back to the studio for feedback from the teams. In fact, Rampant, a NYC based post-production studio switched from Hightail to Digital Pigeon so that they could transfer 30-40GB per day to the editor of a feature film.


Film crews can deliver masters and other full-resolution file formats (4K, 8K, etc) without hassle. International businesses use our Content Delivery Network to get files from side of the globe to the other, quickly and reliably.


TV Studios around the world receive audition submissions for various reality TV shows. Using our feedback tool, they can easily shortlist, share and provide internal feedback with team members - all in one system.


Location scouts can take shots of potential locations then share their findings with their team and studio heads, who can send instant feedback - while someone is still on location.


News networks (TV, online news, etc) can receive breaking news captured from independent operators in the field without fear of missing a story due to an unreliable file transfer service. Our Geomatch technology ensure that Stringers can quickly and reliably get footage to a news network - wherever they are in the world.

Production and post studios use us for transferring large video files.

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