Feedback and Approvals

Send and receive actionable, visual feedback from
your clients and co-workers.

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Fast and intuitive feedback

Enable feedback in Digital Pigeon to get timely comments, markups, and approvals for work in progress. Save time, emails and phone calls getting feedback where it matters - within your work.



Show exactly what’s in discussion with visual markups within images or videos.


Add comments to specific times or time ranges within video and audio files for extreme clarity.


Get immediate feedback or contain longer conversations in one easily trackable location.

Media Shortcuts

Navigate to the right comment instantly with comment shortcuts directly within your timeline.

Marking Tasks as Complete

Turn individual comments into tasks that your team can use as a checklist and mark as complete.

Stay updated

Our notification system will keep you up to date with all feedback going on in real-time so you wont miss a thing.

Clear visual approvals

Speed up project turn-around with single-click approval, and use comments to provide context for your (or your clients’) decisions. Digital Pigeon’s approval system makes it easy to prompt precise feedback from your clients with pop-up previews that don’t clutter your screen.

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