Improve Your Workflow

Designed to fit in to your existing processes.

Digital Pigeon slips seamlessly into your workflow – whether you’re a freelancer, a small production house or a large agency.

Managing workflow is difficult at the best of times.

There are so many steps and collaborators involved in delivering a project or campaign. And let’s face it, file transfer just isn’t that ‘exciting‘. It’s not something that is often considered… until you’ve felt the giant pain that large file delivery can be!

Born out of our co-founder’s brother’s pain (a commercial photographer), we designed Digital Pigeon to be flexible so that you can easily integrate it in to your existing processes and with your current tools of the trade. You’ll make your workflow easier, more efficient and painless.

You and your clients are going to love it. We think that’s pretty exciting.

Streamline your workflow and turnaround work more quickly with Digital Pigeon.

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You’ll never wonder again…

Our instant notifications and activity reports will let you know if your client has received the file and even more importantly, if they’ve accessed it and which files they’ve previewed and downloaded.

  • Files have finished uploading
  • Clients have received notifications
  • Clients have accessed the files
  • Clients have commented on or approved a file
  • You’ve been sent files

You can be kept up to date with both email and mobile notifications. Plus, you can also change your notification settings to receive an overview of your activity each day. That way your inbox won’t be clogged with notifications.

No need to keep refreshing your inbox.



Speed up the review process

Any Project Manager or Account Manager will tell you that the review process can be one of the biggest hold-ups for a project, especially if it involves more than one member of your client’s team. The feedback and approval function makes it easier for clients to give you prompt and precise feedback.

You can get comments, markup and approvals for any type of multimedia file (video, audio and images), right in your media previews.

Comments are visible in pop-up previews so that they don’t clutter up your screen.

Managing feedback is difficult at the best of times.

With our feedback and approvals system, you get:


Annotation with comments

Comments on marked up areas of images, video, audio waveforms so that your clients can pin-point exactly what they are referring to.


Automated time-stamping

The system automatically adds the recipient and the time that an action was taken. They don't even need to login for this to work!


Approval/Rejection system

Get quick and direct feedback with our approval and rejection tags.



Get your team on board

It’s great to be part of a team. It’s even better when your team is on the same page. There’s nothing worse than trying to get a job done when you’re not communicating effectively.

To help manage this, you can add all your team members to your Digital Pigeon account. So you know instantly who’s done or sent what internally. You can also control the level of access for each user to suit the structure of your team.

To make it an even more powerful, try integrating it with Slack. If you’ve already got your team this nifty communication tool, you’ll be able to receive notifications through a Slack channel – keeping everyone in the loop.


More than just large file sharing. It’s a massive time saver.

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