Instant Media Previews

'Download time' a thing of the past.

Got video that needs watching? Images that need viewing? Audio that needs to be heard? Quickly?!

Instant media previews let your clients access your files without needing to download them first. In fact, you can disable downloads completely - if you would like more control over your work!

Instant media previews work on any device, any browser, and are compatible with all the popular and even professional file formats.

Clients don’t require any additional software and they don’t even need to create a login to access files or make comments.

With such an easy, intuitive process – your client feedback will be delivered quicker than ever before. Combine this with instant notifications and activity tracking and you’re about to dramatically improve your workflow.

Your clients will love you for it. Try out instant media previews.

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Instant preview and playback

To make receiving content as straightforward as possible, we’ve made sure:

  • Previews are compatible with all major web browsers and devices – stream or view content on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet
  • Clients don’t need to download any viewing software
  • A login isn’t required to view the preview
  • You have full control over access, including disabling downloads and password protection.

Generate previews from professional, raw formats

It’s also about making it more convenient for the sender. Because Digital Pigeon supports so many file types you can send your work to clients in just about any file format without having to convert it. Digital Pigeon will convert your raw files into a format that can be previewed by anyone.

Examples include files types native to Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, Adobe Premiere / After Effects / Audition / Photoshop, etc and even the raw files from a Nikon or Canon DSLR.

List of file formats we support for previews:


Your client can pick and choose

Sometimes your client doesn’t need access to download every single file. Perhaps they only need to pick the best from a bunch and then download their desired files.

With Digital Pigeon and our instant media preview technology, that problem is gone.

Happy clients, happy life.


Get client feedback, seamlessly

If you want to make significant improvements to your workflow, you can enable feedback so that clients can add their comments directly within the media preview.

  • Get comments and approvals on any files
  • Point and click comments on image files
  • Time-coded mark-up for video and audio media

Protect your work with a watermark

Designed to give you extra peace of mind, the watermark plugin allows you to add a logo or copyright notice to your video and image previews. It’s useful for sharing watermarked content with clients and colleagues, without actually altering the original file.

Watermarking is quick and simple to use, and can be easily incorporated into your existing processes like sign-off and delivery.

Learn more tips about this handy feature.

Showcase your work the way it was intended

Multiple presentation modes

It’s important to make sure clients view your work how it’s supposed to look. That’s why you can choose from
a variety of ways to display your files on the screen:

Simple file list iconSimple file list

Contact sheet grid iconContact sheet grid

Large preview list iconLarge preview list

gallery-slider iconGallery slider

gallery-slider iconAudio playlist

HD icon

Give clients the full HD experience

Do you work in HD? Digital Pigeon’s instant media previews can accommodate 1080p video and display it the way it was meant to be. Retina ready previews are also no problem.

HD icon

Lossless Flac for amazing sound

Lossless FLAC showcases your music and audio files the way it was meant to be heard.

They say ‘patience is a virtue’. We wholeheartedly disagree.

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