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When it comes to business growth, it's impossible to ignore the emerging powerhouse that China has become. More and more businesses are setting their sights on the burgeoning market. The potential for high returns is immense.

High-speed online file transfer services may have revolutionized the process of sharing large files, allowing fast, high-quality transfers of sound, video and images. But, if you're trying to get those files through the 'Great Firewall of China' it can be a whole other story. File transfers to and from mainland China are notoriously slow, unreliable or just blocked altogether. For people working in the creative industries who also have dealings with China, it can be a real headache to try and transfer sound or video files through their firewalls.

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Film Producer Stephen Eckelberry found this out when he spent hours trying to figure out a way to receive sound effect files from clients in China. He was nearly at his wit's end and starting to think he might have to fly someone from China to the US with a physical copy of the files on a hard drive.

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The Chinese clients he worked with were accustomed to using Baidu, a Chinese file sharing service which is not blocked by the Chinese government’s firewalls. Unfortunately, files from China to the US using Baidu are notoriously slow – in fact earlier in the post process they had tried it and it took almost 2 weeks to retrieve 100 Gigabytes of material from their Chinese clients. Waiting that long was not an option with a mix session in two days. His Chinese clients then tried to send the files with Digital Pigeon

Here's how it went:

"The Chinese team uploaded the same 4 GB file to Baidu and Digital Pigeon, the Baidu file took 5 hours to download in the US, the Digital Pigeon file took 10 minutes."

The time difference between the two services shocked Eckelberry.

Stephen Eckelberry
Stephen Eckelberry
Studio Media, Inc

"We were now dealing with a time frame that you would expect using traditional file sharing services, except it was coming from China! Truly a game changer for us."

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Often people have trouble transferring files to and from China because they are using an inadequate file transfer service, intended for casual consumers rather than industry professionals. They operate on highly congested pathways and use servers that may have inadequate security.

With Digital Pigeon, you're transferring files through the world's highest performing, cloud-based infrastructure, using servers that are trusted by banks, international corporations and software giants.

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